Emshab Chete Majid Kharatha

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Tonight, you’re all on edge,
Why tonight? Why can’t you sleep at all tonight?
Tonight, you’re restless again,
Why tonight?

Who were you with tonight? Where were you?
Your eyes tonight, the end of your laughter’s mood tonight,
Your eyes tonight, red, your glance is sharp tonight,
Your eyes tonight.

Enough, go, and take your memories away from me,
The only thing you gave me is these nerve pills, take them away.
Get up, go, leave this lonely crazy person alone tonight,
But deliberately tonight, let’s turn on the gas and leave.

Dying is easier for me than living without happiness,
Your crime is heavier because you’re killing both of us.

One night in a conversational mood, one night silent and ruined,
This life has become for me every night intoxication or silence.

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